TherapyFitness By Ann

We are located at
Studio of the Dance Arts, 63 Fall St., Seneca Falls
Classes schedule: M-F 6:15 am
M 6:00 pm

Bring a friend, their 1st morning class is FREE. Drop-ins are WELCOME!

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Equipment you may need:

To help you truly push yourself a heart monitor might be a good idea. Believe it or not, people will think they are at their Max when they truly have a ways to go. A heart monitor will help keep you "honest".

For Insanity a jumping mat is a good idea for abs and low plank moves. We do have mats available at the studio. For PiYo a yoga mat is preferred. We do have a few to borrow.

The proper workout clothing is important. Wear layers, be prepared to shed during the workout. You will be sweating. You will probably want a towel.


Working out at this level requires good nutrition. After studying many shakes and starting to formulate my own, I found Shakeology.

Truly an amazing protein shake. Shakeology carries the "Certified Low Glycemic Index" from Glycemic Laboratories and contains 70 of those Superfoods everyone is trying to find at their supermarket or taking supplements to get. Use Shakeology as your recovery drink to recover faster after working your body to the max.

Also consider trying PX90 Results and Recovery Formula instead of water while you workout. You will be able to work harder and have less muscle fatigue. For those of us farmers or people who work outside in the heat, this is a much better drink on those hot days to keep you hydrated.


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